All of the following candles are labeled with the spirit signature (firma) of the Congo spirits. The candles are Religious Candles. Each candle comes with complete instructions including the appropriate prayers. The prepared candles are dressed with powerful magic herbs, powders, handmade mystical oils and then empowered with the magical invocations of the Congo spirits. You will not find these candles anywhere else in the world.* All products come with detailed instruction if requested.


IMAGE CANDLE- 8" Tallimage.gif (5030 bytes)
Used in many candle rituals
$11.95 ea.

70159 Black Woman- Break up or separate
70196 Black Man- Break up or separate

73366 Brown Woman- Helps concentration
77149C Brown Man- Helps concentration

72629 Green Woman- Draw money & Good Luck
72630 Green Man- Draw money & Good Luck

73336 Pink Woman- Draw affection & love
73335 Pink Man- Draw affection & love

70095 Red Woman- Draw love
70155 Red Man- Draw love

73338 White Woman- Peace & Tranquility
73337 White Man- Peace & Tranquility

SEVEN KNOB CANDLE- 7" Tallimage.gif (5030 bytes)
Called "wishing candles" Make a wish and burn one knob each day for 7 days
$6.95 ea.

71524 Black- Stop Bothersome people
71525 Green- Get a job, success, luck
71526 Red- Get love or help relationships
71531 White- Get peace in home or business

SKULL CANDLE- 5" TallSkull
$8.95 ea.

71627 Black- Get rid of problems caused by others
71589 Green- Collect money owed by others
71628 Red- Cause problems in enemies love life
71729 White- For healing light in bedroom of the sick

MARRIAGE CANDLEmarriage1.gif (2140 bytes)
$10.95 ea.

78136 Black- Break up a marriage
78138 Red- Increase love in relationships

SKULL CANDLE- 5" Tallskull1.gif (3685 bytes)
$12.95 ea.
To dispel evil, cleanse yourself of bad influences and send back evil that someone has sent you.

78250 Reversible

MARRIAGE CANDLE- 15" Tallmarriage2.gif (4293 bytes)
$14.95 ea.
"One Lover" prayer:
Oh God, to you I pray and call to help us in every way. Grant us understanding of one another and keep our love growing day by day.

440-02 Red- Get your lover to propose
440-03 White- Keep peace in relationship

SNAKE CANDLE- 8" Tallsnake2.gif (1597 bytes)
$7.95 ea.
Snake candle has Snakes circling the sides. Powerful Spell breaker send back evil intentions

76221 Black- Rid evil or break spell
78073 Red- Break up a love affair

MUMMY CANDLE- 7" Tallmummy.gif (2467 bytes)
$9.95 ea.

77443 Black- Uncrossing & Jinx Removing
77444 Red- Power & Success

SNAKE CANDLE- 8" Tallsnake2.gif (1597 bytes)
$10.00 ea.
Burn to turn your luck around. Bring good luck to you an turn back evil.



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