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 All products come with detailed instruction if requested.

Love makes the world go around. If you are having problems with your lover, romance or would just like to find it, we have the key to your desires. We offer handmade spell kits that are extremely powerful. The kits are complete with everything to successfully perform a love spell.

Voodoo Dolls

Our dolls are Haitian designed, handmade, in cloth of symbolic colors and are about 5" tall. They can be used for either sex, and come with packaged complete with a name tag, pin, card and four page handbook " How to Voodoo With Dolls." The booklet gives complete spells and chants for thirteen popular objectives -- including crossing an enemy, find a lover, keep a lover faithful, obtain money, break a hex, win a court case, etc.
$25.00 ea. 

74020 White Doll- For peace, tranquility.          

74030 Red Doll- For love, sex, romance. 

74031 Black Doll- For curses, hate spells, evil.   
74032 Green Doll- For luck, money, gambling.

74033 Yellow Doll- To dispel evil and hexes 
74034 Pink Doll- For success, attraction. 

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Attraction Spell Kit #1- This kit uses the magical forces of the Congo spirits Siete Rayos and Mama Sholan Guengue. The kit comes complete with a spiritual herbal bath, prepared oil and all of the necessary magical ingredients to attract that special someone. Price $125.00  

To Tie Your Lover Down Spell Kit #2- This kit is used to force an individual to make a commitment of love. A good spell especially when the other individual is confused and cannot decide for themselves. This kit will help them. Price: $130.00 

To Keep a Lover Faithful Spell Kit #3- This spell is used to make your lover faithful and always hot for you. You will not believe the results. Please specify if the spell is for a male or a female. Price $110.00

Marriage Spell Kit #4- Have you been dating the same person for years and they do not look like they will commit to marriage? This spell will help you win their favor and convince their guardian angel to say " I do." Together forever in love. Have a great honeymoon!!! Price $120.00

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss. Kit #5. This kit will cause women to fall in love with you after you use it.  Price  $110.00. 

Come home kit.#6. This kit will bring back any lost lover after you use it. PRICE $95.00
Uncross me kit. #7 This kit will get rid of demons if you have been possessed with Demons. Price $125.00 
Get her kit #8 If you are afraid of man or woman this kit will make you in control and have Power over Man or Woman. Price $110.00 
Bend over kit #9 This kit will make you in control and have Power over man or woman. PRICE $95.00 
Judge kit. #10  If you have a lawsuit and intend to go to court, it will help you win your case. Price $125.00  
Go away Evil Spell kit. #11. This kit will free your home or business from sinister FORCES AND DEMONS. Sprinkle the mixture at each entrance of the premises. Price $85.00
Lady spells kit #12.  If your husband left home, use this kit and he will come back to you. Price $135.00 

Lady get man spell kit #13.  If you do not attract others anymore this kit will let you have the man or woman you wanted. Price $125.00 

Yes spell kit #14.  When a lady cannot keep a man friend. When they come to visit, yet never say yes or no. This spell will let you hear yes from your intended. Price $120.00 

Revenge spell kit #15. This kit is to conquer those who made you suffer. If they have kept you awake at night or if you have enemies in town. They will move out of town. Price $140.00. 
Alcoholism spell kit #16. When the alcohol demon takes over,  use this kit to be free of alcoholism. Price $110.00 
Will power spell kit #17. When you lose your will power this spell kit will get it back. Price$ 115.00 
Baby spell kit #18.  If a woman cannot conceive a child this spell kit will help her to reach conception. Price $115.00. 

Original Black & White Magic
GOOD LUCK Talismans in Envelope .'*

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